March is the color of Green! And, since green is my favorite color; this month will be dedicated to all things green.
The first thing I want to chat about is the Heart. February was all about Heart stuff, so lets start March with the Heart. Hmmm…. Now, you are probably thinking, “Mandy, you just said GREEN and the heart is usually associated with Red.” Well, guess what, the Heart Chakra is actually Green.  What you also may not know is that it is considered the place where the body and mind are linked together, where everything kind of marinates. Or, maybe you do know this. It tends to be why we struggle so much between knowing the right thing to do and feeling the right thing to do. So, which is right? Well, bring your feelings and your mind into your heart and let them marinate and simmer for a bit. The “right path” is always the one that brings you growth and joy.
Green also represents New Growth. My goal this month is to discover those things that are green and really represent growth.
Green-Rose-2This is a good time to clean house. Get rid of the cobwebs. Donate clothes and Items that you no longer use. Try that new look that you have been wanting to. Be honest with your closest friend and tell him/her something that you have wanted to – allow yourselves to argue, clear the dust and then grow more together.
Go buy (or pick) a new vegetable that you have never eaten, and cook a new dish! Be sure to include some herb, such as rosemary, mint or basil. Something GREEN!!!!!!! Or, maybe try that Heart opening Yoga that you have been putting off for a week now.

Put a smile on your face. Enjoy!


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