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Do you want to BE Strong or do you want to LOOK Strong?

Not a day goes by when somebody doesn’t ask me, “Mandy, can we focus on CORE muscles today during yoga?” and often I have to refrain from rolling my eyes and letting out a huge sigh. Instead, I smile and say, “Sure.” What most of you do not realize is that every yoga class IS a core-focused class. In order to properly balance in your poses, your core muscles must be engaged and involved. In order to bend forward, backward and twist, your core is also engaged. Maybe the better question then, is, HOW do you want to work your core muscles today and WHAT level of intensity are you going for? Even better, ask your self the question, “What do I mean when I say I want to work my core?” For most women, that translates to a flat and lean stomach and for most men, that means 6-pack Abs. Do you want to BE strong, or do your want to LOOK strong? Ask yourself “What do I really want to achieve?” I want to give you 10 poses that you can do all together for one short core-focused yoga, or pi

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