I love Lime

lime-slicesApril showers bring May flowers? Well, if you are living in Kentucky, it’s more like April cold weather brings May Rain and more cold weather. Unfortunately, this temperamental, PMS like weather also brings crazy allergies, sinus problems and headaches. Not to mention some frustrating, gloomy like emotions that should have disappeared when Punxsutawney Phil claimed that Spring had arrived. He lied. It’s ok though. Why? Because we have lime.
I love lime. More specifically I love the way limes smell. It makes me feel invigorated. When I feel as if my “space” is being cluttered with everyone else’s emotions/issues/bad juju, lime just seems to take that away. I enjoy oranges, grapefruit, lemon, tangerines, etc.; but they just don’t give me that energetic boost that Lime and its essence gives me. I also like the fact that it aids in dispelling odors. As a non-smoker, I enjoy spraying my smoker friends with Lime Essential Oil. Oh yes, it does work. (And if you want to be my friend, you've got to get used to the fact that you will probably be showered with essential oils at some point.) So then, what’s so amazing about lime?
lime-essential-oilWell, 19th century British soldiers used it to prevent scurvy. 1 Later, it was realized that Lime had a high Vitamin C content that helped prevent scurvy. Lime is great to help strengthen the respiratory and immune system. 2 It has Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral properties. Lime E.O. helps in elevating moods to aid in depression and calms and clears the mind to aid in anxiety and panic attacks. 3 Lime is used frequently in Skin Care as an astringent for oily skin. It’s even useful with insect bites. However, it is photosensitive, so avoid exposure to sunlight or UV rays within 48 hours (and given the lack of sunshine we typically have have, Lime is perfect). And, as always, you should not put Lime E.O. directly onto your skin. Make sure you dilute it in a Carrier oil first – About 12 drops to 1 ounce of oil.
Here’s my favorite lime concoction: (I mean, seriously this is obnoxiously awesome)
  • 1 oz coconut oil
  • 12 drops of Lime E.O.
My Uplifting, yet Relaxing blend:
  • 1 oz Jojoba Oil
  • 8 Drops of Lime E.O.
  • 4 Drops of Ylang Ylang E.O.

Mandy Kiley, LMT at Dynamic Wellness

Young Living #949913

Disclaimer: Information found here is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We urge you to do the health related research necessary to learn what is right for you.
1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lime_(fruit)


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