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Natural Hot Yoga, or Just plain ole Playing Outdoors.

I started out to write about Hot Yoga. It’s hot outside and it’s so trendy currently. When someone mentions that they do yoga, at least one person is going to say, “That hot yoga stuff?” But, I don’t think I want to talk about Hot Yoga. Since we have been experiencing a very hot and humid summer, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to cool down your mind instead. You’re probably thinking that I’m going to talk about Meditation or maybe a restorative yoga class. Guess again. Have you been hiking this summer? What about kayaking, paddle boarding or canoeing? Better yet, what about caving? Have you managed to take a day trip with either your best buddies or your significant other? When you combine one of these activities with friends, lots of great mind-cooling occurs. You get the opportunity to let out some physical energy from a specific activity and you get to blow off steam by verbally communicating with your friends. The following are some fun suggestions:
Start by grabbing you…

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